Dual Layered Platinum Silicone Rotator

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Incredibly lifelike with a dual-layered shaft and realistic bulging head, Lovetoy dual layer silicone nature cock creates authentic climax with its 10 modes of incredible vibrations and rotations.
It’s Conveniently USB rechargeable and fully remote controlled which is absolute rare in the market for  dual layer silicone dildos. The rechargeable dildo can be used with or without the remote controller thanks to its unique and user-friendly design. With at least 30 feet remote controlled function, you will have a incredible fun with your partner or for purely solo play.
With so many additional functionality, we still keep the dual layer skin feel intact. You’ ll love the natural feel against your body, which boasts an incredibly realistic softness with a firm inner core that feels just like a real erection. The suction base make him perfect for hands free play, with or without a harness.

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